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So I talked to Kirby Informer
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Author:  KEEBY64 [ May 11th, 2022, 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  So I talked to Kirby Informer

Ok. Update on the whole Kirby Informer situation.

First off, turns out I was wrong about some stuff.

Torkirby hasn’t been involved with Kirby Informer in roughly two years. He and Eliza (Kirby Informer’s owner) had a falling out or something. The details aren’t too important.

Complicating things further, a few weeks ago it broke out that Torkirby did some bad things that I won’t elaborate on here. From what I’ve seen, he has made a poorly constructed ‘apology’ with potential lies in it, and is dodging responsibility for his actions. He’s still uploading videos on YouTube as if nothing happened, and his audience on there appears to be unaware of what happened.

Anyways, yesterday I messaged Kirby Informer on Twitter. Initially I had just messaged them about that really big Classic Kirby plush because why not, but then I decided to talk about some other things. Kirby Informer is run by multiple people; Eliza is the person who got back to me. I asked about Torkirby (I had only found out about his actions yesterday shortly before I messaged Eliza), saying that they could just not answer if they weren’t comfortable with that. Eliza did answer my questions about it, which I am appreciative of because I was confused about the situation before. The Discord server was also deleted at some point, with Torkirby being the reason, at least partially, with the other crew wanting a fresh start.

After that, I told her about KRR, and I asked about if maybe there could be a forum at some point for Kirby Informer (and also art contests). She didn’t seem to mind the idea, but since Kirby Informer is a collaborative effort, most or everyone on the team would have to agree on it for it to come to fruition. So, basically, no guarantees on a new, regularly modded Kirby forum, but it’s a possibility.

When I talked to Eliza, she was so kind to me and answered each of my questions.

Which makes me all the more angry at myself for being a jerk about the site years ago. She told me that I’m still young and that it’s in the past, but still…

That is all. We’ll see what happens.

(Anyone at Kirby Informer, if you’re seeing this, hi. And sorry for getting anything wrong on this post if I did. I have a garbage memory.)

Author:  nightbeans [ May 26th, 2022, 9:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: So I talked to Kirby Informer

hell yea also if you wanna tell me what torkirby did in pms that would be lovely since i haven't kept tabs on them and follow them.

Author:  KEEBY64 [ September 1st, 2022, 6:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: So I talked to Kirby Informer

Update. Eliza and Marc are “fine with how Kirby Informer is now” so a forum (and, presumably, anything else) will not be happening.

rip the dream

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