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 Post subject: City Trial Guide
PostPosted: April 23rd, 2016, 8:37 pm 
Water Drop A_mystery
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I wrote up a basic thingy to be posted on the Air Ride section. It's basically a summary of City Trial mode.
City Trial mode is probably the most unique mode in Kirby Air Ride. In it, players, rather than race, roam around a city collecting powerups and new vehicles in preparation for a randomly chosen challenge at the very end. It also inspired a new mode in the 3DS version of Smash Bros called Smash Run, so this may seem familiar if you played that.

To begin with, you always start with a vehicle found only in City Trial, the Trial Star. It's actually pretty bad, being all around terrible. Don't worry, though, because other vehicles are scattered around the city (this is the only mode you don't need to unlock them). In this mode, you can jump off your vehicle by charging and tilting the controller stick down, causing you to jump off your ride. Hop on the new ride, and you're all set! Some vehicles will come with lower health, making those more of a risk (you can recognize these by their red flashing.)

Around the City, you can find various multicolored power-ups. Drive into these and your vehicle is upgraded, boosting a stat such as health or turning. Beware, as there are also grey-colored variants that reduce a stat instead of boosting it! Both of these, as well as food (Which restores health) in blue boxes.

In contrast to it's spiritual successor, Smash Run, in City Trial, you can attack your opponents! Crashing into them can be a bit risky, but you can find pickups to help you out. There are pickups that give you a copy ability, like freeze or sword, as well as more unique powerups, like a giant gordo you toss down to create a massive roadblock. These can be found in green boxes, with the exception of copy abilities, which are found in red boxes. If you lose all your health, your vehicle explodes, and you have to look for a new one, which can take a while on foot, so don't let that happen!

Randomly (around once a match), a special event will occur, disrupting the gameplay. There are many different events, including shrouding the city in fog, a meteor shower, or even a surprise appearance from TAC, Dyna Blade, or even a flying saucer! If you don't like these, you can turn them off in settings.

Most red boxes contain copy abilities. However, a few boxes contain a part of a legendary vehicle! These vehicles require three different unlocks to obtain in the regular racing mode, and they're similarly hard to obtain here; you have to break open red boxes until you obtain all three parts. The two vehicles are the Dragoon and the Hydra. The Dragoon is all around good with a focus on flight, and the Hydra needs to charge up, but goes amazingly fast when fully charged. If you can obtain one, it'll be a great help, but that's a big "if"!

Once time is up, all players are sent to a scenario, where they compete to be the victor! There are many different events; drag races, a lap around one of the race courses, an enemy killing competition, and more! In general, you won't know what kind of scenario you'll do, but sometimes you'll receive a scenario prediction, hinting at what it will be. In settings, you can set it to a specific type of scenario instead of it being picked randomly.

There's also a separate mode called free run, where there's no time limit, and you can pick any vehicle (Although the legendary vehicles and non-Kirby characters need to be unlocked.) There's no computer, but you can still play with more than one human player. This mode is good if you want to practice using different vehicles or navigating the city, or if you just want to mess around with friends. There's also a vehicle that's exclusive to Free Run; a red Warp Star that has a ridiculously good glide stat. Helpful if you want to practice flying! There are also a few easter eggs hidden in the city, so if you want to look at those, this is the mode.

Of course, the best way to get good at City Trial is to practice! Luck also has a factor, as well; no two runs are exactly alike! So best of luck to you, and have fun!
It's still a work in progress; I still need to talk about Free Run, the scenarios at the end, and the legendary machines, as well as maybe a few more touchups. I also wanted to put it in spoilers, but I can't get those to work for some reason.

EDIT: Done! It's not perfect, but it's a decent explanation of City Trial. Can this be posted on the site?

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 Post subject: Re: City Trial Guide
PostPosted: April 23rd, 2016, 9:22 pm 
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Really? Oh, wow, spoilers must not have been/must have been changed from the previous version of phpBB to this one, so the tag is borked.

Wow, I'm really hating having to maintain these forums' code.


 Post subject: Re: City Trial Guide
PostPosted: April 25th, 2016, 4:57 pm 
Son of Wind Male
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Nice overview of City Trial! Aside from general proofreading, I do have some suggestions for the info you already have written, in no particular order:

-The references to Smash Run seem sort of unnecessary. Maybe mention it once at the beginning saying that this was the game which inspired Smash Run, but no more after that. I feel bringing regular comparisons to it in the middle of the article sort of draws attention away from the City Trial mode itself, and that's what people visiting the article want to read about, not Smash Run.

-Some name changes:
  • The Trial Star is actually called the Compact Star! I don't know if it's called the Trial Star in the PAL version, but in the American version it's called the Compact Star.
  • The "red warp star with a ridiculously good flight stat" is called the Flight Warp Star.
  • Scenarios are called Stadium matches.
  • "Single lap around one of the race courses" is called a Single Race.
  • "Enemy killing competition" is called Kirby Melee, although you can still mention that it's a mode where you defeat as many enemies as possible within a time limit.
      • Free Run should be capitalized since it's referring to the name of the mode, and is therefore a proper noun.
-Maybe refer to the vehicles as Air Ride Machines, since that's their proper name.

-It's possible for the random events in the city to happen more than once in a single match (which can depend on how long the time limit is set for), so it's somewhat inaccurate to say that they happen around once per match. Maybe change this to say that they happen "occasionally" instead.

-You mentioned that red boxes contain copy abilities and Legendary Air Ride Machine parts, but what about the other colors?
EDIT: My mistake! I noticed that you mentioned the other boxes, too, and I missed it! It's still a pretty scattershot explaination, so what I'd suggest is condensing the information by naming the three types of boxes first, then briefly explaining what each one holds. Sort of like this:
There are three kinds of boxes to be found: blue, green, and red. Blue boxes contain food and power ups, green boxes have...
Etcetra, etcetra. Be sure to still emphasize the chance of finding a piece of a Legendary Air Ride Machine in the red boxes, but save which ones you can find and what they do for the next section!

-It may be worth mentioning that there are certain spots in the city where item boxes are guaranteed to contain certain items. The one thing I remember most vividly was that when a red box is found in the underground area of the golf course with Whispy Woods, it's guaranteed to contain a Legendary Air Ride part. I'm sure there's more to it than just that, but that's the one I remember most.

-The Stadium predictions aren't always accurate, so change "what it will be" to "what it might be."

Overall I'd say it's a good start, but if you ask me it does need work before it'd be ready to be posted on the site. It doesn't need to be in too much detail since I'd imagine this would be used on a page giving a primer on what the mode is instead of going into every single detail, but it should make the reader interested in finding out more about it and possibly playing a round for theirself!

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