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PostPosted: August 28th, 2019, 3:23 pm 
WAR! What it isn't good for. HUNH Male
WAR! What it isn't good for. HUNH
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What is the craziest thing that's ever happened to you?

So i almost died at Lego Land.
I'm not joking.
So i can't swim, and i never have been able to.
My mom took me to Lego Land with my best friend at the time for my birthday. It was me, my mom, my best friend and my best friend's mom. I actually still have a picture from there hanging on my wall.
There's a lazy river there and my mom for some reason let me and my friend go on myself.
I fell out of the tube loads of times. My friend tried to pull me up but she couldn't.
A lifeguard had to pull me out at one point, too.
Every time i bring this up to my mom now, she's like "why did i let you do that when you couldn't swim"
I'd probably be fine going on it now though. I still don't know how to swim, but i'm pretty tall and i'd at least have my head above water.

im kidd, im like kirb but due to my extended realization of the emotional abuse and toxcicity from my mom and total isolation from the outside word along with way too much exposure to gay danganronpa 2 ship art in which pixiv absolutely !@#$% me up on that end since it has a lot of nsfw i've become more cranky, volatile, and passive agressive.
i'm trying to be nice though im sorry if i upset you /srs
also heres some tone indicators since ill probably use them a lot

PostPosted: August 29th, 2019, 9:25 pm 
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I once went camping.

In some ruins.

During a hurricane.

Over Halloween.

Under a full moon.

It was a good camping trip.


PostPosted: October 1st, 2019, 7:36 am 
Life, the universe, and everything. Male
Life, the universe, and everything.
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I went over to the Philippines about 5 months ago, I’m half Filipino and I would visit about every 4 years or so to see my family over there, but anyways when I was over there, my mom decided to take me to a TV studio that broadcasted nation wide, so I got to be in the audience of one of those TV shows, but the entire time the camera guys kept pointing their camera at me for whenever the camera would flash over to the audience, I get nervous pretty easily so I was on edge the entire time XD then eventually one of the camera guys decided to set up a camera literally 6 inches from me and had it pointed directly at me and that was the most pressure I’ve ever experienced in my entire life


PostPosted: October 24th, 2019, 10:47 pm 
Mixed Up! Female
Mixed Up!
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So, over Christmas 2016, at the apartment my mom and I lived in at the time, we decorated our house for Christmas. The apartment manager was having some competition for the best decorated patio, and while we didn't really care about the contest, we figured we'd decorate our patio anyway just for the heck of it, since it'd look nice either way. So we decorated our patio really nicely, we didn't win the contest, but we were just like "Okay, whatever". And we left our decorations up.

Christmas came and went (my presents were 90% socks because I was emo and hated everything when I was 12, so my mother had no idea what to buy me), and so on and so forth. So on about January 3rd 2017, with our Christmas decorations still up, we went out for a bit. We come back and find a notice on our door. Figuring it was just the typical notice that the maintenance crew were coming into our apartment for the standard preventative maintenance run, we grabbed it as we went inside, not thinking much of it.

So we get inside, and my mom opens up the notice to read it. She makes a face, and I ask her what's wrong. My mom hands me the paper to read for myself, and what I saw was the most ridiculous thing I'd read in my entire life. The notice from the apartment manager was demanding that we remove our Christmas decorations from our patio by January 5th, as they were "unpleasant" and "disruptive" to other residents (actual words used). If we failed to comply, we were, I kid you not, "required to pay a fine of $60".

My mom and I just kind of rolled our eyes and had a good laugh over how ridiculous the whole thing was, and we took the decorations off the patio the next day. We left our inside decorations up until mid February, and we continued to have an ongoing joke about how we'd better not let the apartment manager see our decorations still up or else she may evict us.

"Now then, hero of the Lower World...
You would risk your life for this land?
You would stand against me, the ruler of the
heavens? Very well... You will bow before the great
Queen Sectonia! My beauty rivals the divine...
And my power will crush all that you hold dear!"

"Bah... Aha... I see... I expected as much from the
hero chosen by the Dreamstalk. But I wonder...
how will you handle this? You see, true beauty...
is control. The Dreamstalk has guided you thus
far. But its bloom... will be your doom!"

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