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Author:  Amika [ June 10th, 2010, 9:38 pm ]
Post subject:  ~* Forum Rules! *~

Don't harass, insult, pottymouth, or offend people.
Don't advertise, spam, or post very many very worthless messages.
Don't impersonate other members or sign up for more than one account.

The Big Rule

Don't be inappropriate. This includes harassment, mean/rude behaviour, pornography, vulgarities, etc. "Mean behaviour" constitutes anything that makes another member feel bad or belittled, and we trust your judgment as to what you will post--we're all here to have fun, and nobody should be interfering with anyone else's ability to do so.

This includes passive-aggression and passive-aggressive remarks directed towards staff members.

If anyone is offending you or being extremely offensive/showing a startling lack of common sense, they may be reported to any admin and, in some cases, be instantly banned. In the worst cases, they may be reported to their internet provider!

Applies to private messages, posts, signatures, everything. Just be thoughtful if your actions. =)

Currently the word filters don't affect language in user profiles. So please try to be mature about what you put in there, and refrain from cursing.

This also applies to images to images, I'm afraid. If your image has swearing in it, please provide a hyperlink and a warning instead. I know it sort of ruins everything, but a few of the younger members (there are a handful who are even too young to sign up but enjoy browsing) whose parents are over their shoulders will really appreciate it. =)

Account Rules

- You may have one, and only one, account, though if you hate the name you signed up with, we can always change it.

- If you have family members, friends, etc. that use your computer and want their own account, please post in the greeting forum or let an admin know.

- You are responsible for all things done with your account. If you are sharing an account with someone else, you are responsible for their actions in addition to your own.

- Do not create another account to bypass a ban. This will result in an IP ban, which is permanent. Likewise, do not create accounts to impersonate people.

Profile Rules

Your avatar, signature, and profile are yours to do what you want with. The only things we ask:

- Please limit your avatar to be no more than 200 by 200 pixels, and be 59kb in size or less.

- Please keep sig images within 500 width x 300 height, and keep your signature content as limited as possible. Signatures should not exceed 200k. Imagine, if someone on dialup has to load a topic with 20 replies, and each had a signature of 200k. That would be torture.

- You may advertise in your signature, and only in your signature.

Posting Rules, Private Messages

- If you have a super-large image, link to the image rather than posting it in the topic.

- Please don't spam. It does not matter what your post count is, quality not quantity. If you are excessively spamming, one word posts, double posting irrelevant things, etc. your counts will drop as your posts and topics are deleted, and your post count can be reset. In addition, you can rack up warning points really fast.

- No 'backseat modding'. As in acting as an authority when you are not. We appreciate the help, but relax, and enjoy the forums. The mods and admins are here to take care of that. In addition, you may pass off false information.

Warning Points and Bans

You can receive up to 3 warning points if any of the more serious rules are broken.

- 1st Warning Point = Simple warning. Spamming, swearing, insulting others -- you know the rules. =)
- 2nd Warning Point = Loss of avatar and signature privileges.
- 3rd Warning Point = Temp ban for two weeks.

It takes one month for each individual warning point to expire. Only 1 point shall be given for each occasion. Warning points are not a big deal, so don't go whining! ;)

Author:  Wannabe [ June 22nd, 2010, 12:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ~* Forum Rules! *~

- No 'backseat modding'. As in acting as an authority when you are not. We appreciate the help, but relax, and enjoy the forums. The mods and admins are here to take care of that. In addition, you may pass off false information.
Aw... I don't like this rule... can it be changed to no abusive mini-modding?


okay, sorry, I really couldn't resist. I, for one, don't really see a large problem with Mini-modding, unless it gets into "heyz iz gonna banz you if ya don't stop that" and they have no authority to do so. So, if it's possible, could somebody explain this rule to me? Please?

Author:  SOLID SNAKE [ June 22nd, 2010, 12:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ~* Forum Rules! *~

I think it's more that if a non-mod tries to enforce a rule they might not actually get the rule. Say someone double posts in PP and someone minimods, yelling at them for double posting. Well that's not good, since it's usually okay to double post in PP. In the end it'd just turn into a mess and make the guy who was just trying to help look bad, and that'll cause hurt feelings on all sides. In most situations, it's probably best to let mods do the modding, I think.

I don't think this is always the case, but a rule like this is definitely a good idea in many situations

Author:  Debageldond [ June 22nd, 2010, 6:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ~* Forum Rules! *~

Re: minimoding--

KRR is as peaceful as it's ever been, and there is a much quicker and more competent mod response than there ever has been. Much of this has to due with the prevalence of super mods: when I was first a mod on the lolezboard, it was one mod to a forum, and there were fewer admins. Granted, the board was smaller, but a lot more vulnerable. When we moved over to the phpBB, we went to a super mod-centric system and we've pretty much stayed there, and things have been easier.

At this point, we have mods who mod one or two forums, super mods who mod all forums, and many more active admins. This means backseat modding goes beyond unnecessary and enters the realm of irritating. Now, that isn't to say that no one should talk to mods/admins about problems they might have with regards to posting, interactions or what have you. Rather, it means that correcting people in topics and basically going "hey! HEY! DON'T DO THAT!" gets to be a bit much. Obviously, as Riolu notes, it's too much to say you're going to ban someone for obvious reasons (also it sometimes makes you look like you're sorta nuts), but also going like "your gonna get baned mang!", correct or not, is irritating.

Author:  Kirby_Fan_10 [ July 3rd, 2010, 12:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ~* Forum Rules! *~

Is my signature okay?

Author:  Joshi [ July 3rd, 2010, 12:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ~* Forum Rules! *~

No, it's huge.

Author:  zvarina [ April 16th, 2012, 11:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ~* Forum Rules! *~

Where do you add a sig?

Author:  Airride Master [ April 18th, 2012, 11:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ~* Forum Rules! *~

Because you appear to be younger than 13, you cannot add a sig or an avatar.

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