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Rank Refresh - 09
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Author:  Diskmaster [ December 17th, 2009, 7:27 am ]
Post subject:  Rank Refresh - 09

As a few people might notice, some of the rank images have been refreshed with a different style. Ability ranks need updated as do some ranks and custom ranks, I'll keep the color scheme where possible in the cases where people had custom ranks, except for one rare case, not sure how to handle it. (I'm looking at you, DrNK.) Yes, the little rainbow notches correspond to the postcount milestones. No, it's not an excuse to post for the sake of posting. No, they won't be tracked if you use a usergroup's ability rank. For those interested in making a new one, be aware the new size is 124 by 34 pixels, and all ranks will eventually be updated to the new size.

Comments, Suggestions, Stupid Pet Tricks, What is this I don't even

(Also, there's a reason why the ranks have a darker background than before...)

Edit: Also Newbies have been renamed Waddle Dees as of now as far as the ranks are concerened.

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