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 Post subject: NK's PP thing
PostPosted: January 15th, 2008, 10:30 pm 
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I feel bad for NK because he posted something serious, something he really meant and it got turned into a flamewar. Since his post is very postive on KRR as a whole and I think it suits this forum, I'm going to repost his speech.
Oh how we've come along, New Pointless Palace! When you were first created, not only did I have doubts, but I shunned your existence as a whole! And now, we can see such topics like 'Magi's 5AM Funhouse' and 'Post your desktop (Again?)'! We've had some rough times, dealing with new things, and some returning things, but we've pushed those. We've pushed through the tough times. And although we aren't there yet, I believe we are getting back on the right track.

And here we are today, NPP.

I would like to help further, but I can only do so much as a normal member. I'd love to make things how they were back in the old PP days, but I can't do that. Instead, I've come to involve you, dear reader. Yes, You! In an effort to make NPP a place where we can all just chill, post, have a good time and just enjoy ourselves really, I am making this topic as an unofficial official rule.

Pointless Palace was a place where you could come in, express yourself, and you wouldn't be judged by the color of your skin, but by the way you posted and the attitude you had. To those of you who were here before the day Pointless Palace stood still, have you taken the time to look through the PP archive? Yes, I know. Great times. It would be great for it to be like that again, I know. So then we should make it as much like that as possible, right? As possible, of course. The new Confessions topic I just made should help us bridge some of the gaps we may have with each other. If you get a chance to check it out, please do!

Also, have any of you looked at the topic, "As far as any official announcement regarding EU goes" in the PP archive? It talks about a lot of things that deal with the forum at the moment. How Kirby isn't the middle of our discussions anymore, and how if the fad of the moment is whatever, we should talk about that whatever. At the moment it seems to be Brawl, and seeing as how we have a forum dedicated to that, NPP can't help it at the moment. It is still a valid point, however.

You all can help out by posting how you truly feel about things. Don't hold back just because you feel someone else might not like the things you say, or because you aren't sure how people will react. A good place to start would be in the confessions topic! And this isn't a after school special, I'm just talking!

It's my 2000th post, NPP. I'm doing what I can, and so can you. Here's hoping to a clear, better future.
Live on, KRR!

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 Post subject: Re: NK's PP thing
PostPosted: January 15th, 2008, 11:32 pm 
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I would just like to say that whether you think old PP was the greatest thing ever or stand by the fact that it's gone now...

Who cares? The past is in the past, so let's just try to make what we have better.

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