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A simple block-ball-paddle game in Java. Know Kirby's Block Ball? Well, this ain't it.

Dream Land Java Project
Dream Land Java Project
Web SiteReality's End
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This Kirby game actually plays like a Kirby game (other than the noticeable lack of Kirby, that is). It is a side-scrolling, enemy-eating, running, jumping, copying action-packed adventure that is not a single game, but rather multiple -- all playable right inside of your web browser! It features a cast of Dream Land characters playing the protagonist, such as Gooey, as well as some fan-thought-up creations.

(Requires Java, which pretty much every computer comes packaged with, anyway)

Meta-Knight's Dream Land
Web SiteJava Cooperation
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A Java game you can play right in your browser! It is based on Super Mario Bros. (I think) but it has Dream Land characters instead! Well, their graphics at least. The bounding boxes are all off, but people seem to really like it.

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Last Updated - March 20th, 2016